Founder / Director

Terry Breheny is a Colorado-based entrepreneur
and lifelong gearhead — living/working/playing
in the beautiful “Front Range” west of Denver.

Two wheels

Rumor (and 8mm home video) has it that Terry eschewed training wheels, instead pedaling his first bicycle down the driveway with no plan nor thought for stopping (that’s what the lawn was for). A youthful pastime included disassembling family bicycles (whether they needed “fixing” or not). Many bikes and many more miles later, Terry spent a dozen-plus professional years working in bicycling advocacy (communications/marketing/events) — highlighted by his tenure as Conference Director for the International Mountain Bicycling Association (IMBA). It was during this time he was first exposed to (and excited by) early eBike offerings from various manufacturers. Additionally he served in a leadership role for many years on the board of the Colorado Mountain Bike Association (COMBA), including a productive stint as president. Most endearing, however, was his work with Trips for Kids (now Lucky to Ride!), working at times directly with the at-risk youth demographic — seeing firsthand the universal appeal and power of cycling.

Four wheels

Even as a pre-teen, Terry was inexplicably attracted to all things “cars” — desperately yearning for the day he could (legally) drive. To bide his time he and his father built a childhood go-cart to race around the yet-to-be developed fields surrounding his suburban home. When he was 15 his parents surprised him at Christmas with what would be his first “project” car — a dilapidated $500 ’65 Mustang. It would be three (long) years before he would finally feel the pride and satisfaction of driving his beloved pony car. Over the years, Terry has dabbled (for fun) in motorsports: drag racing, autocross, and track. Taking his love for cars a step further, he became a professional Test Driver for Audi (VWGOA) where, in addition to ICE favorites like the RS6 Avant and R8, he was introduced to high-performance electric luxury with the stunning RS eTron GT! Terry’s most recent project was a ’52 Ford F3 (“Rustomod”) truck he built from the ground-up… though it may soon see a “Version 2.0” EV conversion.